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Brief Introduction ---BRT


BRT is the abbreviation of Bus Rapid Transit, derived from Curitiba, Brazil. It uses large capacity buses, improved transportation services and exclusive bus lanes to make bus transit more cost-effective, convenient, safe and comfortable.


BRT as a good choice for international city transportation has many advantages such as high capacity, high efficiency, low cost and low waste that is good to the environment and can help reduce traffic jams. Many international organizations like the U.N., World Bank, IEA and UITP are strongly recommending using BRT as a key to solve urban transportation problems.


The Platform Screen Doors are used as a safety insurance mechanism in the BRT system. They are set at the edge of the BRT platform to separate the bus and the waiting area, and be controlled to open and close during boarding, thus creating a safe and comfort waiting environment for riders. A number of cities in the nation have utilized such Platform Screen Door Systems on BRT, LRT and metro. As a new application, they are playing an important role in urban traffic life.