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DS Type Electrical Out-Swing Door System

(Temporary Name)

Main Components:
1. Door Lock Mechanism
2. Door Cylinder Mechanism
3. Control System
4. Auxiliary Mechanism

Main Functions:
1. Achieving the opening and closing of the out-swing door
2. Achieving the shift between manual control and automatic control
3. Achieving the automatic tight locking of the door
4. Achieving the anti-clip during closing the door

Main Advantages:
1. When closing the door, the two front and rear electrical locks will work to make the door locked tightly, so the door doesn’t need to rise, which reduces the manufacturing requirements of the door and door frame
2. When the power is off, the operation will be shifted into manual control automatically, and the door can be opened, closed and locked tightly during the manual control, which is convenient to use
3. This product has the anti-clip function, which will cause no damage to the body, and it has a high safety

Main Parameters:
Voltage: 24V or 12V
Peak Current: 30A
Closing door force: >200N.M
Anti-clip force: <10N
Life span: 150,000 times