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WZT-B Vehicle Free Access Guide System



Wheelchair Ramp


Ⅰ. Brief introduction

Wheelchair Ramp is a telescopic under-floor mechanism for commercial use in applications of low-floor city bus, train and special vehicle, providing convenience for those old, weak, sick, disabled to access the vehicle. The driver can operate the mechanism through a controller to deploy and retract the ramp platform. When fully extended out, the ramp platform will have its trailing end raised up automatically to floor level and the forward end rest at the gound to form a smooth path to the vehicle. After things done, the ramp platform will come back to store under the bus floor. The mechanism is protected by national patent.

Ⅱ. Product characteristics

1. Reliable extention and retraction performance controlled by electricity or pneumatic power.
2. Compact in size
The mechanism has the smallest thickness among the same products due to its unique articular driving system
3. No harm to the strength of vehicle frame
4. Intellectualized controlling system by micro-computer and remote controller
The ramp can be self-locked when bus door is closed. And the bus door cannot be closed when the ramp is in deployed position. The ramp platform will retract if meet with obstruction during deploy movement. To ensure security, it will stay in stowed position after 3 times of retraction caused by obstacles.
5. Trailing end raised by innovative double-hinged device
Exclusive doube-hinged device removes the distance between the vehicle floor and the ground by raising the trailing end of the ramp platform, offering free accessing to the bus.
6. Auxiliary manual switch
When the electric drive fails to work, you can easily operate the ramp platform manually by using the clutch switch on the side of the ramp.
7. Excellent anti-corrosive performance
The enclosure is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The ramp platform is made of alveolate high-strength aluminum. Thus it is featured in high strength, light weight and rotproof.
8. During operation, the movement of the ramp platform will be alarmed by chime and shining lamp
9. If not in stowed position, the circuit will be interlocked
10. The motor is overloading and overheating protective
11. The ramp can be controlled by reset switch and remote controller(optional)
12. Unique skidproof ramp surface
13. One year of warranty

Ⅲ. Technical data.(electric- driven)

1. Measurement : 1,425mm (L)×1,045mm (W)×60mm (H)
2. Width of ramp platform: more than 1,000mm
3. Extension of ramp platform: more than 1,000mm
4. When fully deployed, the trailing end of of the ramp platform raised automatically by 55mm
5. Max. height in use: 350mm (vehicle floor level to ground level)
6. Max. load capacity: 300Kg
7. Dead weight: 45Kg
8. Time for deploy or retract movement of ramp flatform: 12-16s
9. Motor voltage: 24V
Max. electrical current: 10A
Working electrical current: 3A
10. Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃

Ⅳ. Operation Instruction:

First, the driver activates the functional switch on dashboard to allow operation of the wheelchair ramp, then opens the door and walks to the door hole to activate the control switch of wheelchair ramp. During expansion of the ramp platform, a beeper and a pilot lamp will function to warn passenger. When the ramp platform is fully deployed and rest steadily on the ground, the wheelchair can board the vehicle.

When things done, use the control switch to retract the ramp platform, walk back to the driver seat, deactivate the functional switch that can disable the use of wheelchair ramp and close the door. Finally the vehicle can start to go.

Ⅴ. Installation Requirment:

a. Mechanical

The wheelchair ramp is mounted under the floor of vehicle door through a T rabbet which is connected with a bracket fixed on carbody. Adjust the position of the bracket to make the foreside of wheelchair ramp 10mm outward than door floor edge. The mechanism should be as level as possible, adjusting apacers could be used to ensure it, 5mm deflection is allowed only.

b. Electrical

See attached drawings.

Ⅵ. Trouble Shooting:

If the mechansim does not work properly, follow below processes:

Check if the functional switch for wheelchair ramp on the dashboard activated?

Check if the vehcile door is open?

Check if the 15A fuse breaks?

Check if the control switch for door opening is working properly?

Check if the control switch for wheelchair ramp is ok or not?

Check if the motor of wheelchair ramp is ok or not?

Check if the controller of wheelchair ramp is ok or not?

Check if the mechanical driving system of wheelchair ramp is ok or not?


If the ramp platform retracts automatically before it is fully deployed for three times repeatly and there is no external obstruction, there shoud be too much friction in the mechanism itself. Check if the mechanism is installed properly, ensure the ramp platform and its housing are placed in the same level.

If the ramp platform retracts automatically after it is fully deployed for three times repeatly and there is no external obstruction, it may caused by external control switch faillure or bad contact of connectors.

If the ramp platform gets stuck with foreside flap during retraction movement, the functional switch for wheelchair ramp on the dashboard should be disactivated first to allow mannual removal to this problem. Then wait about two minutes till the over-heat protection of motor disappears, activate the functional switch for wheelchair ramp on the dashboard again, retract the ramp platform automatically by using the wheelchair ramp control switch.
If ramp platform fails to work when the wheelchair ramp control switch is activated, however pilot lamp and beeper work properly, it may caused by inner control switch failure or bad contact of connectors.