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Answers For Common Questions
 Maintenance Book

Maintenance work of gliding door mechanism is easy because of simple mechanical structure and installation. Since no current standard for such maintenance existing in the nation, we have made the procedure, according to vehicle repair requirements, and graded it into three levels as described below: 

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 WZT-B Vehicle Free Access Guide System

Wheelchair Ramp is a telescopic under-floor mechanism for commercial use in applications of low-floor city bus, train and special vehicle, providing convenience for those old, weak, sick, disabled to access the vehicle. The driver can operate the mechanism through a controller to deploy and retract the ramp platform. When fully extended out, the ramp platform will have its trailing end raised up automatically to floor level and the forward end rest at the gound to form a smooth path to the vehicle. After things done, the ramp platform will come back to store under the bus floor. The mechanism is protected by national patent. 

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 DS Type Electrical Out-Swing Door System

Main Components:
1. Door Lock Mechanism
2. Door Cylinder Mechanism
3. Control System
4. Auxiliary Mechanism

Main Functions:
1. Achieving the opening and closing of the out-swing door
2. Achieving the shift between manual control and automatic control
3. Achieving the automatic tight locking of the door
4. Achieving the anti-clip during closing the door

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