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  • Number name unit retail price remark
    1 electrical folding pump set
    2 motor piece
    3 relay assembly (electrics) set
    4 stroke switch piece
    5 PCB set
    6 rocker switch set
    7 bus door connecting plate set
    8 RodⅠ piece
    9 RodⅡ piece
    10 rod setⅠ piece
    11 rod setⅡ piece
    12 connecting rod assembly set
    13 helical gear piece
    14 gear shaft piece
    15 internal and external gear piece
    16 planetary gear piece
    17 rack stalk
    18 spindle piece
    19 compression spring piece
    20 camshaft piece
    21 small box piece
    22 resistance piece
    23 carbon brush piece
    24 linkage pin piece
    25 crankpin piece
    26 cover piece

  • agency:
    Hefei agency No.615, district B, Hua zhong auto parts grand bazaar, Feihe road, He fei city Chang zhou agency Room 602, unit yi, No.4 building, garden village, Zhong lou district, Chang zhou city
    Beijing agency No. 152, Bai miao village, QI jia town, Chang ping district, Beijing city Qing dao agency Room 402, unit one, no.four building, no.108, chongqin south road, Qing dao city
    Beijing agency No.4 Nanyuan east road, Feng tai district (inside small shop yard) Beijing city Jinan agency No.6 building, Dian liu village, Licheng district (farmhouse restaurant) , Jinan city
    Xiamen agency Room 507, No.411, Xilin east road, Siming district, Xiamen city Shanghai agency Room 101, No.5 building, Zhengnan hua yuan, lane 818, Shi long road, Xuhui district (cross-road of Jialing road), Shanghai city
    Zhengzhou agency Room 407, Xinjie hotel, no.8 West Street, laodai village, hanghai middle road, Zhengzhou city Hangzhou agency Mao yuan hotel, N.800-3, Mogan mountain, Hangzhou city
    Shao xing Kinglong bus factory No.1736, Kekexi industrial park, Xianke bridge town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang province    

  • Jiangsu Huimin Automobile Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Product sales network table(A customer)

    Customer type

    Product Name

    Customer Name
    Pneumatic Power Double Internal Swing Door Sylinder Pneumatic placed outside the door The pneumatic Luggage Kurakado pump Within the swing door pump door Electric folding door pump PNEUMATIC FOLDING DOOR ELECTRICAL EXTERNAL SWING DOOR Telescopic stepping pump

    Vehicle Free Access Guide System

    ELECTROMAGNETIC RETARDER Electric Rearview mirror Luggage compartment
    BRT Platform Screen Door System
    Domestic Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (including ministries)          
    Xiamen King Long Wagon Co., Ltd. (including ministries)    
    King Long United Automotive Industry(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.          
    Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (including Lanzhou Yutong)        
    Mudan Automobile Co., Ltd.            
    Zhong Tong Bus Holding Co., Ltd.                
    Anhui Jianghuai Bus Co., Ltd.      
    Zhangzhou King Long Bus Co., Ltd.            
    Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co., Ltd.                
    Guilin Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd.                      
    Yangzhou Hongquan Industrial Co., Ltd.            
    Hangzhou Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.                    
    Yancheng Zhongwei Bus Co., Ltd.                
    Jiangsu Friendship Bus Co., Ltd.                
    Wuxi Anyuan Bus Co., Ltd.              
    Nanjing King Long Bus Co., Ltd.              
    Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.                  
    Dandong Huanghai Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Luoyang Yutong Automobile Co., Ltd.                    
    China Yangzi Group Chuzhou Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Pingxiang Bus Factory of Anyuan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                      
    Shanghai Vientiane Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                    
    Shanghai Sunwin Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                      
    Zhuhai guangtong Bus Co., Ltd.                
    Yantai Shuchi Bus Co., Ltd.                      
    Guizhou Wanda Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Anhui Ankai Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Jinhua Youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                        
    Yaxing - Mercedes-Benz Co., Ltd.                        
    Yangzhou Yaxing Bus Co., Ltd.                      
    FAW Wuxi Bus Factory                        
    Hangzhou Changjiang Bus Co., Ltd.                        
    Shenyang, Shenfei Hino Motors Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                      
    Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co., Ltd.                        
    Beijing Jinghua Bus Co., Ltd.                        
    Guangdong Silver Dragon Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.                  
    Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd.                        
    Wuhan Bus Factory                      
    Yangzhou jianghuai Hongyun Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Liaocheng Zhongtong Guangyue Special Vehicles Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                  
    Guangxi Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd.                        
    Zhangjiagang Jiangnan Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                      
    Guizhou Aerospace Qaeda Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Guangzhou Yangcheng Automobile Wagon Co., Ltd.                        
    Zhongtong swallows Bus Co., Ltd.                    
    Hangzhou Hancock vehicle modification Co.,Ltd.                        
    Shangrao Bus Factory of Jiangxi Xinxin Industrial Co., Ltd.                      
    Jing Gong Zhenjiang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                        
    Guilin Bus Development Co., Ltd.                    
    Shenzhen Bus Group Co., Ltd.                      
    Shenzhen Exhibition Bus Co., Ltd.                        
    Shenzhen Fangshuo Industrial Development Co.,Ltd.                        
    Beijing Chang Da Tong passenger Co., Ltd.                        
    Qingdao Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.                      
    Hangzhou Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.                    
    Tianjin Public Transport Group(Holdings) Co., Ltd.                        
    Wuhan Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.                        
    Export South Korea Daewoo Bus Company          

    Shenzhen biysk no.1, Tangwei neighborhood, Beihuan road,Nanshan district, Shenzhen city He nan huai yang county Yutong bus service co.,Ltd North second ring road, Huaiyang county, He’nan province
    Harbin Longchi importing car maintaining center chao yang branch No.33 Ma duan toudao street, Nangang district, Harbin city Harbin shenghe automobile maintaining co., ltd No.10 west iron street, Nangang district, Harbin city
    Kiamusze city Jin Qi automobile maintaining co., ltd in Qi automobile maintaining, eastern sector, Xianfeng road, Kiamusze city, Heilongjiang province Harbin Heng chi automobile sales service co., ltd No.1 inside newly-built industrial park, No.153,Nan zhi road, Nangang district, Harbin city
    public bus company passenger bus garage of Da qing petroleum administration bureau No.14-1 Zhongjing street, Sa ertu district, Da qing city, Heilongjiang province Ji lin province Hua Bang vehicle maintaining and repairing co., ltd N.6287 Dihuan road,Kuancheng district, Changchun city
    Changchun Pengan vehcile sales and service co.,ltd No.553 Xin zhu road, lv yuan district, Chang chun city Nan jing Fan gu materials trading co.,ltd No.104 eastern shogunate road, Nanjing city
    Nan chang red valley beach new area King long vehicle repairing factory Inside Dong feng Yuchai technology service station, red valley beach used car market, northern Nan chang, Nanchang city, Jiang xi province Da lian starlight vehicle assembly repairing factory No.10, Guo dong street, in front of Gan zijing airpot, Dalian city
    Da lian Xinlian automobile service co.,ltd No.28,Jin xi road, Gan zi jing district, Dalian city, Liaoning province Shen yang Liaoning coal mine vehicle repairing co.,ltd No.74, eastern Bin he road, Shen he district, Shenyang city
    InnerMongolia Cheng qi sheng vehicle maintenance co.,ltd Middle set western Pearl Mingzhu road, Jin hai avenue, Hohhot city He fei Heng yuan vehicle service co.,ltd No.79, southern Chao hu road, Hefei city
    Bei jing CYTS co.,ltd vehicle sales and service co.,ltd No.109 southern Fan jia village, Feng tai district, Beijing city Shan xi Jie tai vehicle trading co.,ltd No.50, Tai yu road,Taiyuan city, Shan xi province
    Nan chong Jing cheng evhicle maintenance service co.,ltd Team five, Ren jia bridge village, Huo hua town, Jia ling district, Nan chong city Yun nan travelling bus maintenance co.,ltd(passenger car maintenance center) No.98, southern Guan shang road, Kun ming(the opposite petroleum hotel)
    Chong qing Zhen bo automobile accessory co., ltd No.1-5 Yu neng west automobile city, Nan an district, Chong qing city Guangzhou Jun qi automobile service co.,ltd No37, Northern Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou city, Guang dong province
    Chang chun Lao shao vehicle repairing co.,ltd No.27, Qing gang road, Lv yuan district, Chang chun city, Jilin province Nan jing Yu heng engineering machine equipment co.,ltd Yanziji street, Qixia district, Nan jing city
    Pu tian Xin’an intermodel transport co., ltd No.1769, opposite of the first commercial city, Han jiang district, Putian city Lan zhou Yellow River imported vehicle repairing co.,ltd No 117, west Binhe road, Qi li he district, Lan zhou city
    Shan dong centry Kinglong bus sales co.,ltd No.108,Jin shui industrial park, Yuan village,south set and westside of Wu ying mountain northern road, Tian qiao district, Ji nan city, Shandong province Wuhan Han jie auto maintenance service co.,ltd No.81, Two Seven northern road, Jiang an district, Wu han city
    The repairing factory of Jiang su Jing jiang shipping industrial company No.8, Xing ye road, Jing jiang city The repairing factory of Shan tou passenger bus company No.2,Chao shan road, Shan tou city
    Shen zhen Huanyu auto mobile repairing factory Building B, No.A42.Tong xin road, Tong le community,Long gang town,Longgang districr,Shenzhen city Shenzhen biysk no.1, Tangwei neighborhood, Beihuan road,Nanshan district, Shenzhen city
    Kiamusze city Jin Qi automobile maintaining co., ltd No.96, Youyi road, Kiamusze city,Helongjiang province Hunan Yiyang Zhongwang bus co.,ltd No.26,Jin shan north road,Yiyang city, Hunan province
    Chang sha Zhongwang bus co.,ltd 16th Fkoor,Building A,Lugu coordinate, No.199 symbol,Lugu Lulong road,high-tech developing zone, Changsha city Changchun Pengan vehcile sales and service co.,ltd No.558 Xin zhu road, lv yuan district, Chang chun city